External Writing: The End of the Wii Shop Channel

Today is the Wii Shop Channel’s last day, and many gaming news outlets are talking about it. For my part, I wrote a little something about this event over at Old School Gamer Magazine. Check out the article here.

I plan to write more about the Wii Shop Channel’s demise in the future and what alternatives players have if they want to still access these games (legally, that is).

By the way, a little PSA: if you still have games downloaded on your Wii, I suggest moving them to an SD card or transferring them to the Wii U so they can be played on newer hardware. Nintendo has stated that the transfer option will be discontinued in the future, but did not provide an exact date.


Author: Conor McBrien

Writer-at-large. Amateur Wordpress blogger, aspiring novelist, and contributor to Old School Gamer Magazine.

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